Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Take me to your leader

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Last weekend, Occupy Seattle disrupted a Pro-Occupy Wall Street Forum, thus driving away actual supporters. Their complaint; they didn’t like the power dynamic created by speakers on stage talking into microphones. That’s like a Christian protesting church because they’re getting the message out.

Okay, when protesters start protesting forums supporting their protest because they protest the use of microphones, well… that is when it becomes apparent that this movement needs a leader, that’s when it become apparent that it can’t be just anybody, and THAT’S when it becomes apparent that not everyone should protest. 

You see successful protesting is a lot like golf. You must first learn the etiquette before you learn the game. Perhaps these protesters could help in other ways like oh, I don’t know… shutting the fuck-up and baking cookies for the rest of us. 

It’s time for a leader. The movement NEEDS to have a face and that face needs to have a name worthy of a hearty political chant-circle. The movement needs a face with a name because we love t-shirts with catchy slogans. The movement needs a face with a name because WE… LOVE… DISSIDENT ART. 

Christ, just look what the word “HOPE” and a photoshop’d pic of Obama did in 2008. It gave America such a boner that we just couldn’t wait to rub one out in the voting booth. We had pre-vote parties, post ballot coital parties, and for a week, if you saw a sock on the ground and it wasn’t tied to another sock, you didn’t pick it up. We were happy.

So yeah, you need to pick a leader. Oh sure, this whole “We are one voice” got everybody fired up but let’s face it, as in the case I just mentioned, some of these voices aren’t quite right. But I digress.

My point is, now that you’ve gotten evicted, you still need the support of the people, and to do that you’ve got to pick a leader and take it to the next level. Letting all of this momentum go to waste would be like popping a Viagra then taking a nap. 

Look, you should have a good idea of what needs to be accomplished by now so stop wasting your time on the pleas of the vegans, the potheads, and the “Stop Moon Mining” people. 

We already know that the first things to be accomplished are getting the money out of politics and punishing unethical behavior. So can we quit stroking every cause’s dick just to make them feel good? After all, aren’t we trying to get hand-jobs out of politics?

And we can start with the Supreme Court of the United States because if anyone needs a lesson in ethics, it’s the very court that granted corporations all the rights of personhood with none of the responsibilities.

You see, A few hours after the Supreme Court met to consider hearing challenges to the national health care overhaul, also known as the “Health Insurance Profit Preservation Act”, Justices Scalia and Thomas were the honored speakers at a fundraiser for a conservative legal group that was sponsored in part by health care reform opponents involved in the very same litigation.  That’s like taking the wife and kids to your girlfriend’s birthday party all the while swearing that she doesn’t mean a thing to you.

Yeah I know… it sounds really fucked up when I put it that way.

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